MF-Tokyo 2011 Metal Forming & Fabricating Fair Tokyo

Mechanical presses Servo presses, High-speed automatic precision presses, C-frame presses, Straight side presses, Transfer presses,
Cold forging presses, Hot forging presses,
Powder compacting presses, others
Hydraulic presses Hydraulic servo presses, Fine blanking presses, Die spotting presses, Hydro-forming presses,
Powder compacting presses,CFRP Compacting Presses, others
Forming machines Parts formers, Pipe forming machines, Wire forming machines, Rolling machines, Incremental forming machines
(Die-less NC forming machines), Wire drawing machines, Headers, others
Automation equipment Coil feeder lines, Leveler feeders, Robot lines, Belt conveyor, others
Safety eqipment Light beam type safety devices, PSDI, Load monitors, others
Dies and Molds Dies and molds for Press, Forging, Sheetmetal processing and Forming machines
Sheet metal processing machines Laser processing machines, Plasma processing machines, Water-jet cutting machines, Punching presses, Press brakes,
Shearing machines, Panel bending machines, others
Surface treatment Deburring machines, Corrosion control related equipments, Washing machines, others
Welding machines Laser welding machines, Spot welding machines, Arc welding machines, Gas welding machines, others
CAD/CAM, CAE, Rapid prototypings, Production management systems, others
Metal forming processing products Processing products by Press, Forging, Sheetmetal procesisng and Forming machines, others

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